H1 B Transfer and GC Processing



H1 B Transfer and GC Processing

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H1B Transfer/GC Processing

Steck Systems, Inc is an IT Solutions provider focused on delivering customer value through high Quality Processes and Cost-efficient solutions. Steck Systems, Inc is a fast-growing IT staffing company, which currently focuses on H1 B sponsorship. We Work with several IT Experts and Have a Strong Legal Immigration Team who work dedicatedly to make the H1B visa application and transfer process plain sailing for all our clients and prospective employees. we extend guidance on H1 B visa application Process and requirements to every qualified Individual. We also evolve one step forward to offer H1 B Visa transfers for qualified and experienced candidates with demanding technological skills.
Why Steck Systems??
  • Steck Systems has mastered in H1B Sponsorship/Transfers/GC filings over 7 years now.
  • we abide by the law and follow the regulations provided USCIS and USDOL. There is no cutting corners with us.
  • Keeping all the records transparent is Steck systems policy. We hold a file that can be accessed publicly for every employee. We Perform internal audits for H1B documentation to ensure that everything is done in compliance with the law.
  • We Have many direct Clients, Implementation Partners and Tier-1 Vendors all over the USA.
  • The talented and best marketing team for placement assistance is a plus. Working with us, an employee is not just guaranteed of steady work, but also career growth over time.
  • Prompt & Excellent Salary package for employees with all the company’s standard benefits.
  • Our philosophy is to deliver excellence in employee care. We understand the immigration needs of our employees and take good care of them. We pay special attention towards each case and provide you with the right immigration solutions.

The outline of the services we render to our current and prospective employees pertaining to H1B visa are as follows.

New H1B Visa
Every year we sponsor H1B work visas for Proficiently skilled individuals according to our client’s requirements when the New H1B quota opens.

H1B Transfers
If you are on bench and looking for exciting opportunities in the area of your skillset, we help in finding that right Job for you and, we offer H1 visa transfers to our company.

OPT/CPT/EAD Work Authorization
We also offer help for students looking for work authorization to do their internship or work after completing their master’s degree in the US. For OPT/CPT/EAD we provide training and placement assistance in different technologies. we offer H1B work visa sponsorship to candidates whose experience and skills are matched with our client’s requirements.

GC Sponsorship:
We initiate the green card applications for all our employees and ensure that their applications go through at the end of the day. Since GC filing depends on an individual employee’s qualification, we offer guidance on category filing and either file under the EB2 or the EB3 category.
Our Legal team always assures to work with employees and ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. They offer help and guidance throughout the GC application process.
Steck Systems Aims at making the H1 sponsorship and H1 Transfers process a painless process to all its employees.

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Steck Systems Inc is Looking for Freshers and Experienced consultants for the below technology skills, Its about time that you reach out to us and discuss if you are serious and hard working and willing to get a job as soon as possible. We guarantee placement in 4 to 6 weeks.
Interested to join us or have any questions/Querries, Please contact on the below details.
Steck Systems, INC,

13706 Research Blvd, Suite# 109,
Austin, TX 78750,
Phone: (512) 717-9225 

E mail: vandana.vennu@stecksystems.com
Website: www.stecksystems.com
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Steck Systems, Inc 13706 Research Blvd, Ste 109
Austin, TX, United States

Email: hr@stecksystems.com
Phone: 512-575-9558
Web Site: www.stecksystems.com

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