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Snow Admin+Developer Training Program



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Best servicenow online training classes by svsoftsolutions.we have experienced trainers to teach the servicenow Admin+developer courses

Service-Now Training
 This document is elaborate description of the contents we are going to cover as part of 30 days service-now training course. We will be sharing class room videos and documents as well. This training will cover both theory and practical understanding of each and every concept.
Apart from the topics we will also take the student through resume preparation, interview and certification preparation.

Day 1:
  • Overview of Service-now
  • History of the tool
  • Architecture of the tool
  • ITIL Basic
  • SAAS Basic
  • Key Applications:::
  1. Incident
Creating an incident, field level understanding, Resolving an incident, Reopening an incident, Moving incident to “awaiting problem” , closing an incident.
  1. Problem
Creating a problem, field level understanding, Relating incidents to problem, Solving a problem.
  1. Change
Creating a Change, Field level understanding, Closing a change.
  1. Service catalog
Concept of service catalog, creating a request, creating a requested item, understanding of description, price.
Day 2/3:
  • Type of users
  • User interface
  1. Banner frame,
Content and understanding of terms.
  1. Application navigator
Modules and Applications, searching.
  1. content frame
Welcome page, homepage, service catalog
  • Form header, fields, sections
  • List title bar, breadcrumbs, column heading, fields
  • Searching tools
List, Global text search, knowledge base, navigator filter
  • Self-Service
  • Knowledge management
Roles, concept
  • Reports
  • Design a service catalog
  • Understanding different fields concept
  • Creating variable.
  • Different types of variables.
  • Understanding of order, mandatory, default value
  • Create a reference field.
  • Understanding difference between client script and business rule
  • g_form concept
  • get and set values.
  • Making a field readonly, mandatory, visible
  • Concept of UI Policy
  • Designing UI policy and client script
  • Difference between UI policy and client script
  • Gliderecord understanding.
  • Table hierarchy
  • Sys id concept
  • Understanding business rule
Day 9:
  • Understanding display business rule
  • Debug business rule(addInfoMessage and logs)
  • Script includes
  • Async and sync difference
Day 10:
  • Notification
  • Events and queue
  • Email templates
Day 11:
  • Sent/outbox
  • Received/inbox
  • Inbound email actions
  • Dot walking concept
Day 12/Day 13:
  • Number maintenance
  • List of records
  • Update set(creating and migrating)
  • Understanding XML concepts
  • UI Macro
Day 14:
  • HTML concept
  • UI Page
  • Using UI page in a service Catalog.
  • Container concept in service catalog.
Day 15:
  • UI action
  • Table creation and extension
  • List view of records
  • OOB fields and “u_” concept
Day 16/Day 17:
  • Display field concept
  • SLA
  • Schedule and business day concept
Day 17/18:
  • Workflow
Day 19/Day 20:
  • Survey
  • Data source
  • Transform map
  • Coalesce concept
Day 21:
  • Localization concept
  • Enable plugins
  • Concept of web service
Day 22:
  • Web service
  • SOAP
  • Scripted web service
Day 23:
  • Data Policy
  • Difference between Data and UI policy
  • Debuggers
Day 24:
  • Delegate
  • Views
  • Relationships
Day 25:
  • Order guide
  • Record producer
Day 26/27:
  • Discovery and CMDB
  • JSON and Jelly
  • REST web service
Day 28:
  • Cloning
  • Resource management
Day 29/30:
  • Interview Preparation
  • Certification preparation

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