OPT/CPT/F1 Free Dedicated Phone Number from Google Voice

Published: 01/15/2014

   What is Google Voice?

After you sign up for Google Voice , it creates a free new phone number that you can use for your OPT/CPT job search, when some one calls this new number, It automatically redirects to your existing phone number. Below are some of the advantages

- Privacy: Google Voice phone number can be used as dedicated number for your job search. This gives ability to hide your personal number from every one
- Disposable: When you are not actively searching for a job you can set Google Voice go to voice mail. You can check the voice mail at your convenience
- Identification: When you receive a call from Google Voice, you can identify the call and know it is regarding employment and hence decide to pick up the call
- Many other advantages, please read further at Google Voice

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