US L1 Visa intra company transfers used most by Indian Tata, may be affected by Trump changes

Published: 11/10/2017


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has received the most US L1 visa approvals for intra company transfers in the last two years, according to recently published figures. The L1 intra company transfer visa allows the tech consulting giant to transfer its employees from operations in India to its US base tto work on client projects.  Another visa option the H1B visa is so heavily oversubcribed that there is a lottery for the available visas with only about a fourty percent chance of obtaining a visa.  Another option for nationals of certain Countries the E2 treaty investor visa is not available for Indians.  There is no quota for the L1 visa and nationals of almost any Country can apply for this.

Change Status to F1(ESL) and Stay Legally in USA - OPMI 

Sanwar Ali comments:

US L1 visas are difficult to obtain. You typically need to submit a large bundle of documents to the USCIS.  Tata, Indian companies and others will face greater difficulties under the Trump Presidency in obtaining L1 visas.  Overall the US economy is doing well with high levels of employment.  Whatever Trump may claim (some of the time anyway) that immigration needs to be further restricted the evidence suggest that the technologically advanced, wealthy America we know has benefitted greatly from immigration.  Trump himself has talked about the benefits of immigration at times.

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