Why some international students at Penn opt for STEM majors to keep their visas

Published: 12/01/2017

Source : http://bit.ly/2BqZZw5

Throughout the first half of fall semester, many students flock to On-Campus Recruitment tables, flooding recruitment officers with endless questions on job descriptions, pay, and benefits. For those international who make up about twelve percent of Penn’s undergraduate population, this list of concerns always comes with an additional one – visa status.

Change Status to F1(ESL) and Stay Legally in USA - OPMI 

International students who wish to stay in the United States must take their post-graduation visa statuses into consideration. For many, visa status plays a significant role in selecting majors, as well as potential job opportunities. 

To stay in the U.S., most international students need the H-1B visa, which requires visa applicants to find a sponsor, usually a prospective employer. Many students in the humanities, however, find it can be especially difficult to find employers willing to sponsor.

Hong Kong citizen and College sophomore Rachel Liu said her visa status has been a more urgent factor in both what career and major she will choose. 

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