Michigan universities facing a decline in international enrollment

Published: 02/09/2018

Source: http://bit.ly/2BNCkdv

Universities across the United States, and especially those in the Midwest, are struggling to attract international students to their campuses. International enrollment has most noticeably declined in non-flagship state universities, where funding for classes and facilities has dried up due to the lack of international students who are willing to pay full price for tuition.

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University of Michigan students on the Ann Arbor campus, who are used to seeing more international students every year, may be surprised to find Michigan’s public institutions are not immune to this decline. Of the state’s 15 public universities, 10 reported a declining international student population over the past year, including U-M Flint, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University. However, several of these universities have embraced strategies like shifting their focus to domestic out-of-state students and online courses to offset falling enrollment rates and revenue. These new strategies have been successful so far.

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