Right Now, 'Merit-Based' Just Means Fewer Immigrants

Published: 02/14/2018

 Source : http://bit.ly/2EE0mZr

When the Trump administration says it wants “merit-based immigration” it’s not talking about admitting 1 million scientists and engineers, or even any additional immigrants with college degrees. In fact, in the past year, the Trump administration has not taken a single action to make it easier for U.S. employers to hire or retain high-skilled foreign nationals. No, “merit-based” is a code phrase for reducing legal immigration by up to 50% and eliminating almost all family immigration categories and the Diversity Visa lottery.

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Under current law, U.S. citizens can sponsor their spouses, parents, siblings or children for immigration. Under a White House public relations blitz designed to eliminate the ability of Americans to sponsor their parents, siblings or children (18 years or older), the president and his surrogates have labeled as “extended family members” people who normal human beings all consider part of their regular family. Does anyone in America actually regard their mother or father as an extended family member? Do decent, moral people consider their sons or daughters to be “distant relatives” once they reach the age of 18?

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