A contradiction in US immigration policy is putting kids of high-skilled workers at risk of deportation

Published: 02/14/2018

Source: http://bit.ly/2sxnkwC

As Congress debates the fate of America’s DREAMers, a group of far more privileged young immigrants is facing a similar problem: The children of highly skilled foreign professionals.

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Brought by parents working in booming industries like tech and energy, thousands of non-citizen children are growing up in the US. Once they turn 21, they will be required to leave the country unless their parents become permanent residents, also known as “green card” holders. Such skilled workers should qualify easily for green cards, but there’s a catch: Arbitrary limits on the number of available green cards have created a massive backlog of eligible families. For Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Mexican workers, the wait to receive a merit-based green card can take up to 70 years.

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