How A Foreign Film Student Can Break Into Hollywood Through An Investor Visa

Published: 04/13/2018


If you are a foreign film student in the United States or Canada, (or a parent of such a student,) this article will be of interest to you.  It addresses the immigration question that many foreign film students have once they have graduated and completed their one-year, so-called, Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permit. Foreign film students from colleges like U.S.C., N.Y.U., U.C.L.A., Chapman or N.Y.F.A., in other words, from top film schools in the U.S.,  face this challenge every year. Reaching the end of their period of authorized stay, the question arises how can they continue pursuing their film interests and avoid deportation.

There is a lot at stake. After all, they have invested a lot of time and money in pursuing their studies and usually have built up a good network of film contacts that it seems a shame to just abandon by leaving for home. Is there a way where such graduates can continue their interests and make use of their talents to help them advance in their film career and also help build up the film industry in their country of origin?

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