Got RFE: Should I hire Immigration Attorney?

Published: 08/12/2015

Source : Attorney Dhenu Savla

F1 Students: Have you received an RFE on an OPT application? As an immigration attorney, I often get calls from students who have received an RFE, and sometimes a second RFE, on an OPT application. They are searching for immigration attorneys to help respond. I explain to them that responding to an RFE is often not as straight-forward as providing what is being requested. Often times, the documents requested indicate a deeper problem in proving a fundamental element of the OPT requirements.

Perhaps they are suspecting CPT abuse and require proof of addresses. Perhaps they want to know if you have maintained a full-time student course load as required for F1 visas. Or maybe there is a discrepancy in your F1 and OPT application, and for immigration purposes, discrepancies raise suspicion of fraud. Whatever the matter, the application must be responded to thoroughly. An attorney, no a GOOD immigration attorney, is necessary.

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