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Employers: STEM OPT Reporting Requirements

Published: 08/21/2018

Source : http://bit.ly/2PsMKmn

Employers: STEM OPT Reporting Requirements

Employers play a key role in maintaining and strengthening the integrity of the STEM OPT extension program. Although compliance with the program’s various reporting requirements predominately apply to students and DSOs, there are instances where STEM OPT employers must assist in tracking the STEM OPT students and their practical training progress.

Below are the specific instances in which employers are required to fulfill reporting requirements.

Complete and Certify the Form I-983

The STEM OPT employer must work with the student to complete the Form I-983 and designate an Official with Signatory Authority to certify that information in the document is true and correct. The form is not complete until the employer has signed and certified it in the designated areas.

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