OPT and Traveling Abroad

Published: 04/25/2019

Source: https://b.gatech.edu/2J1Fmxs

F-1 Regulations allow students participating in OPT to travel abroad, but there may be additional risks and/or additional documentation to prepare.  OIE is unable to guarantee that students will be granted admission by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) upon return to the U.S or that the Consulate will renew an F-1 visa at a consulate abroad.  Although not common, there are reports of students on OPT having problems at ports of entry as well as being denied visas or experiencing significant visa delays.   The decision to travel abroad must be made by the individual student with an understanding of the preparations that should be made and the risks involved. 

Pre-completion OPT Students:

You are currently still an enrolled student so you’ll follow the same procedure for visits abroad and re-entry as enrolled F-1 students.  Additional documentation is not required for reentry beyond a valid I-20 signed for travel, unexpired passport and unexpired visa stamp.

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