Apple CEO Tim Cook flags issue of delay in green card processing

Published: 09/24/2021

Source: The Economic Times

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has flagged the US government’s delay in processing of employment-based green cards, saying companies are unable to fill critical talent gaps for their businesses.

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Delays related to the Covid-19 pandemic and an increased number of available green cards have resulted in slower processing of applications. The US immigration agency is unlikely to process applications for the 260,000 green cards that can be issued during this fiscal year which ends on September 30. An estimated 80,000 green cards are likely to go unused. The delay is expected to impact thousands of Indians in the United States who were expecting to move up the green card waitlist due to the extra green cards on offer this year.

“The system is already plagued by backlogs that have left foreign-born professionals waiting in limbo and companies unable to fill critical talent gaps,” Cook said in a letter to the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Source: The Economic Times

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