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FY2024 H-1B Cap Update: Cap Reached and Closed After Two Lottery Rounds

USCIS has announced that they have reached the H-1B cap limit for fiscal year 2024 (FY 2024).

 This means that they will not be conducting additional lottery rounds of selection after the initial two rounds.  This also means that all H-1B cap registrants who were not selected under the first or second rounds are now considered as “Not Selected.”

Historically High Number of Applicants and Two Rounds of Selections Means No Additional Lottery Rounds

We had reported in August about the staggering number of applications – 758,994 – this year and that USCIS had selected a higher number of registrations with the expectation that a significant percentage of selected registrants will not pursue a petition filing.       Like recent years, the government had received many registrations for beneficiaries with multiple employers (see breakdown of the numbers) and while USCIS is taking steps to pursue improper multiple registrations, the result is that the chances of selection has been historically low.

H-1B Cap Alternatives

Many H-1B cap registrants who were not selected  under the first and second rounds this year have been hoping for a third round (like last year); unfortunately, no additional selection rounds will be conducted this year.

Now that the H-1B quota has been reached, we are receiving an increasing number of inquiries by both cap-subject employers and prospective employees about the alternatives – we invite you to review our guide with the most common H-1B cap visa alternatives.   Our office is also starting to accept and prepare registrations for the new upcoming H-1B cap lottery process for March 2024 and we offer flat fees to handle the entire application and you can contact us or request a flat fee quote.


Our office will continue to monitor developments relating to the H-1B program, this and next year’s caps and the immigration proposals.   

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