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Indian Student Murdered In The USA

The unfortunate trend of Indian students breathing their last in various incidents is very concerning. The impact of the trend is such that earlier the White House also reacted to the multiple incidents and said that it is looking into the issue and the required measures will be taken. 

Raising many fears another unfortunate incident was reported. A Telugu student was killed brutally. After killing him his body was left in a car in a forest. His death came to light when his friends filed a Police complaint.

Going into details one Abhijeet who is from Guntur District went to the US for his further studies. He is a student at Boston University. Earlier this month he was killed and his body was kept in a car and the vehicle was left at a nearby forest.

His friends moved the Police and filed a complaint. As the victim was not seen for a few days a complaint was filed. When the mobile signals were traced the location was shown in a forest. When they found the car based on the signals they found his dead body inside it.

The case came as a shock to one and all. However, the details on who was behind the case and who killed the victim are not known yet. Once the investigation progresses we might get more details.

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