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Two Indian students arrested in US for shoplifting

In Short

  • Two Indian students in the US tried to leave the store without paying for items
  • The ShopRite store in Hoboken, New Jersey, alerted police
  • Despite apologies and attempts to pay, the police arrested the students

Two Indian students, aged 20 and 22, pursuing their studies in New Jersey, US, were arrested in a shoplifting case. The women tried to leave without paying at a store in Hoboken city.

The students, a 20-year-old from Hyderabad and a 22-year-old from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, reportedly attempted to leave the store in the US without paying for some items.

Both the Telugu girls were arrested after the store, ShopRite, alerted Hoboken police.

Hoboken city police arrived at the scene and explained to the students that shoplifting is a crime and that they would be taken to court.

One of the girls said that they would pay double for what they hadn't paid before, while the other pleaded they wouldn't repeat it and asked to be let off.

But the police explained the rules and arrested them.

The shoplifting incident took place on March 19. 

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