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USCIS Launches Organizational Accounts And Expands Online Filing

The USCIS has announced its intentions to launch online organizational accounts

Account holders will be able to file H-1B petitions, including requests for premium processing, through the USCIS online system

H-1B petitioners will retain the option to submit a physical filing of the H-1B petition to the USCIS for the time being

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced its intention to launch online organizational accounts, making Form I-129, the form used for H-1B and other employment-based nonimmigrant visa petitions, available for online submission for fiscal year 2025.

The organizational accounts will provide new users, existing legal representative account holders, and H-1B employer account holders with new account enhancements, including improved design and case management features. In addition, account holders will be able to file H-1B petitions, including requests for premium processing, through the USCIS online system. This is a welcome enhancement for employers because it may lead to faster and more consistent adjudication of visa petitions by the USCIS.

While the H-1B registration process is exclusively available online, petitioners will still be able to submit a hard copy H-1B petition to the USCIS, at least for now.

With the H-1B registration season on the horizon, this update is capable of transforming the H-1B landscape for employers, just as the registration system did in fiscal year 2021. To facilitate a smooth transition from physical to electronic filings, the USCIS announced several educational events in January 2024 during which it will address legal representatives and employers’ concerns.

This expansion of online services appears to be another stride made by the USCIS towards improving the functionality of its accounts and online services. Complementing the technological advancements, the USCIS has also demonstrated its desire to improve employment-based nonimmigrant visa processes through certain initiatives, including the H-1B modernization rule. With the consistent pace at which the USCIS has advanced with respect to technological and other improvements in recent months, more changes are expected.


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