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Which industries are poised to see the most employee turnover this year?

Depending on where you work, there’s a good chance that “update my resume” is on your list of new year’s resolutions. LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index survey found that close to half of U.S. workers in several industries have said they plan to look for a new job in 2024. Retail is the industry with the highest rate of employees reporting that they are looking to leave their current roles, at 54%.

Technology, information and media is also among the top industries for workers willing to job hop, with 47% saying they plan to look for a new job. This could be in part because those workers are seeking better pay; last year, 55% of workers in technology, information and media said they received a pay raise, below the U.S. average across industries of 59%.

Generally, employed, active job seekers were less likely than their peers who are not on the job market to report that they expect to receive a raise in the next 6 months. Breaking it down by industry, 33% of U.S. educators said they expect a pay raise in the next 6 months, the lowest rate of all industries, and 44% said they are planning to look for a job this year.

If your industry is on this list, why do you think workers are looking to job hunt? What do you think employers in your industry can do to retain workers wanting to make a move? Weigh in below.