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Scientist IV



Scientist IV

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Ridgefield, CT 


I.T. & T.



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Full time



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ELISA, MSD multiplexing, RNA isolation, RT-PCR and western blots



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We are currently working on below mentioned i., e. Job Opening for Scientist IV, Ridgefield, CT, Client: Boehringer Ingelheim. Please let me know if you are interested in applying for the same.
Scientist IV Requirements:
Master's Degree from an accredited institution with six-plus (6+) years of experience in a related scientific discipline, OR Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution with 10+ years of experience in a related field or equivalent experience in a related field
Requirements for both levels:
Understanding of basic scientific principles and research practices in the field of immunology.
Strong understanding of mouse biology and immunology with extensive hands-on experience conducting rodent experiments including preparation of test compounds, handling, and dosing mice by various routes (IP, SC, IV or PO), collection of blood and tissues for PK and PD biomarker analysis.
Experience in techniques such as ELISA, MSD multiplexing, RNA isolation, RT-PCR, and western blots.
Experience in using multi-color flow cytometry (FACS) to evaluate immune cell biomarkers and data analysis software is preferred but not required.
Experience or familiarity with in vivo vector delivery (e.g., minicircle DNA, adeno-associated virus (AAV) or si/shRNA) is preferred but not required.
Familiarity with hydrodynamic tail vein injection is a plus but not required.
Strong ability to multi-task and willingness to work effectively in a highly collaborative and diverse research environment.
Experience in use of Microsoft Office tools and GraphPad (Prism).
Team player with exceptional verbal, presentation, and written communication skills, with the ability to propose, articulate, evaluate, and defend scientific ideas and data.
Education: Bachelor's degree up to a PhD from an accredited institution with 3+ years' experience in immunology or a related field
Company Info
The Veritas Healthcare Solutions LLC 469 7th Ave
New York, NY, United States

Email: careers@theveritashealthcare.com
Phone: 646-907-4086
Web Site: http://www.theveritashealthcare.com/

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