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Principal Project Manager



Principal Project Manager

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Fremont, CA 


I.T. & T.



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per hour

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Full time



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Forecast Final Cost (FFC), Total Project Cost (TPC), Microsoft Sharepoint



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We are currently working on below mentioned i., e. Job Opening for Principal Project Manager, Fremont, CA, Client: Boehringer Ingelheim. Please let me know if you are interested in applying for the same.
New Staffing Request # 16288064
Location: Fremont, CA
Start Date: 9/1/2022
Job Category: Professional
Subcategory: Engineering/ Site Services
Job Title: Principal Project Manager
The Principal Project Manager (aka Project Team Lead) ensures the success of the project by tactically monitoring and controlling the Project Triple Constraint, i.e., Scope, Schedule, and Budget, along with administering Risk, Quality and Safety throughout the project lifecycle and the Project Phases, i.e. (a) Investment Intent, (b) Feasibility, (c) Technical Planning, (d) Implementation, and (e) Close.
The Project Team Lead will perform the following tasks to achieve project success; (a) monitor project direction and progress, (b) provide oversight, guidance and decisions for project direction and deliverables, (b) provide reporting to Steering Committee and other stakeholders, and (c) facilitate consistent, structured execution of all project phases that is compliant with industry best practices and BI's governances.
The Project Manager will administer and provide vigilance by executing their fiduciary responsibilities enumerated below.
·       Administer and be accountable for the Project Scope of Work as outlined by the Project Charter and adherence to the Project Execution Plan.
·       Administer and be accountable for the Project Budget to ensure the project Forecast Final Cost (FFC) will not exceed the Total Project Cost (TPC).
·       Administer and be accountable for the Master Project Schedule to ensure the project work-product adheres to and achieves the Key Milestone dates as established by the Project Charter.
·       Administer and be accountable for (a) maintaining adherence to the Investment Intent, (b) ensure the work-product manifests the design intent and (c) the overall project is Fit-For-Purpose.
·       Administer and be accountable for Risk Management and Mitigation
·       Administer and be accountable for Change Management and Scope of Work adherence.
·       Consult and inform Project Sponsor and Steering Committee throughout the project lifecycle of project objectives by way of monthly Project Progress Reports that expound upon the project's financial health, adherence to schedule, outstanding concerns, stakeholder awareness, change management and facilitation of risk.
·       Consult and inform Functional Team Leads throughout the project lifecycle of project objectives and their contribution to the success of the project.
·       Consult and hold responsible Function Team Members their obligation of adherence and compliance to (a) Project Governances, i.e., User Requirements & Specifications, (b) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and (c) General Specifications.
Schedule and facilitate weekly or bi-weekly meetings with functional groups, such as OAC.
A candidate must demonstrate an ability to communicate and interface with others in a concise structured manner without trepidation. A candidate must demonstrate an ability for critical thinking and critical analysis that is commensurate with their level of experience. A candidate must demonstrate a functional knowledge of project management acumen.
A viable candidate will possess the following qualifier skills to successfully serve this role.
·       Excellent verbal and written communication skills
·       Good interpersonal and supervisory skills
·       Solid grasp of building compliance and safety regulations
·       Functional Knowledge of the best industry practices within the biopharmaceutical industry and GMP-environments.
·       Excellent analytical skills, this includes having the ability to objectively analyze and evaluate Situational Dynamics in order to judicate rationally.
·       Knowledge of basic accounting procedures including making financial projections
·       Excellent Decision-making skills, with the ability to foresee Unintended Consequences
·       Ability to work under pressure, while maintaining a Pro-Active Approach & Attitude
A candidate must possess a functional understanding of project management productivity tools; along with standard business productivity applications, capable of learning specialized applications used by Boehringer-Ingelheim. A candidate must be able to utilize Cloud-Based file storage systems, such as OneDrive, Drobox, and Box. Some management productivity tools have been enumerated below for clarity but should not be interpreted as all inclusive.
·       Microsoft Office Suite, i.e., MSWord, MSExcel, MSOutlook
·       Microsoft Projects
·       Microsoft Productivity Suite, OneNote, PowerPoint, OneDrive
·       Microsoft Sharepoint
·       Adobe DocuSign
Bachelor’s degree
Company Info
The Veritas Healthcare Solutions LLC 469 7th Ave
New York, NY, United States

Email: careers@theveritashealthcare.com
Phone: 646-907-4086
Web Site: http://www.theveritashealthcare.com/

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