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DevOps Engineer



DevOps Engineer

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Foster City, CA, CA 


I.T. & T.



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GSk Solutions INC

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Training, Contract



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DevOps Engineer



Job Description:

  7+ Experience with 1-2 Years of experience in DevOps

·         1-2 Successful Azure DevOps implementations

·         Experience in SVN to Github migration

·         Github expertise

·         Build & Release automation

·         Creating build packages

·         Release deployment

·         VSTS administration

·         Write application deployment automation using industry standard deployment and configuration tools.

·         Good to have:

·         Architected CI\CD build, release, deploy process

·         CI/CD experience. Manage, develop, build CI/CD pipeline, including:

·         Check code quality

·         Unit, integration and functional tests implementation

·         PowerShell scripting for custom tasks automation

·         Environments strategy understanding

·         Develop and manage CI/CD process for different types of application and automate

·         Continuous Deployment:- Familiar using CD tools such as Chef or Puppet, Can write CD automation

·         Manage the full release process

·         Working on DevOps team fostering DevOps culture of people, process & technology

·         Design and implement continuous delivery pipelines that serve the purpose of provisioning and operating client test as well as production environments.

·         Provide systems support including responding to monitoring alerts.

·         Implement and stay abreast of Cloud and DevOps industry best practices and tooling.

·         Design and implement Azure solutions which are secure, scalable, resilient, monitored, auditable and cost optimized.

·         Designed, engineered, and automated end-to-end Azure IaaS, PaaS solutions


                 GSK Solutions, Inc is starting new batch of Training and Placement batch on QA Selenium in USA. Below are the course curriculum and details.
Referral Bonus: We are offering referral bonus worth 800$ if any of your friends and colleagues looking out for Training and Placement who are on visas like OPT/CPT/L2/H4/H1B
Course Curriculum: (QA Selenium)
Course: 1: Introduction  
•    Installing JAVA
•    Installing Eclipse
•    Features of Java
•    Why Java for Selenium
•    First Eclipse Project
•    First Java program
•    Concept of class file
•    Datatypes in Java
•    If statements
Course: 2: Loops, Arrays  
•    While Loop, For Loop
•    Practical Examples with loops
•    Using Loops in Selenium
•    Single Dimensional Arrays
•    Practical usage of arrays in Selenium
•    What are Functions?
•    Function Input Parameters
•    Function Return Types
Course: 3: Packages, Access Modifiers 
•    Creating Packages
•    Exception handling with try catch block
•    Importance of exception handling
•    Different Types of Exceptions
•    Need of exception handling in Selenium framework
Course: 4: Collection API   
•    Introduction to Collections API
•    ArrayList Class
Course: 5: String, file handing, log4j
•    String class and functions
•    Reading Properties File in Java
•    Log4j API for Logging
•    Usage of Log4J in Selenium
About Our Company:

GSK Solution, INC is an IT services company customized for a range of key verticals and horizontal industries across USA. We consult with our clients to build effective organizations, innovate & grow, reduce costs, manage risk & regulation and leverage talent. We are an E-Verified company.
We have a dedicated development team with amazing range of skills, deep vertical industries expertise and excellence in advanced technologies. By wise blend of business analysis & management with latest technology, GSK Solutions INC designs and develops custom made software & web applications. We have a broad range of technology services that deliver real business results.
Our main preference is to gain your trust through our commitment and integrity, extending maximum value to you and striving to exceed your expectations.
We are:
•    We are an E-verified Company.
•    100% success rate for motivated and hard-working candidates.
We provide
•    Free In-Class Training / Placement.
•    Full time mentors/trainers available to train In-class
•    Best in class featured training faculty with real time experience
•    Free Accommodation.
•    On Project Assistance
•    H1B Sponsorship & Immediate Green card filing once H1B’s approval.
•    Excellent Billing Rates with Percentage or Salary
•    E-verified to get an OPT STEM Extension.
•    Strong and motivated marketing team to place an employee on the project.
•    We work only with Direct Clients No layers
•    Placement guaranteed.
Company Info
GSK Solutions Inc
Houston, TX, United States

Email: careers@gsksolutions.com
Phone: 719-423-6606
Web Site: http://www.gsksolutions.com/

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