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How to post your question on DesiOPT Facebook Page anonymously

If want to post your question anonymously on DesiOPT Facebook Wall , you will need to first post your question at our forums and send us the link. Follow below steps: 

Below are the detailed step by step instructions

1. Your question might be already answered earlier, please search at forum.desiopt.com - If you don't find an answer , Please follow below steps
2. You can register at http://forum.desiopt.com/register.php - please use a nick name while registering so you remain anonymous.
3. Goto http://forum.desiopt.com/forum.php
4. Click on Relevant Topic eg: click on 'OPT Topic' http://forum.desiopt.com/forumdisplay.php/2-OPT-Topics
5. Click on 'Post New Thread' button on the left side (see below screenshot)

6. Message the link to DesiOPT Facebook Page  for quick posting. 
7. You can also call attorneys for free advice, you can find more information below

ATTORNEY: In addition to the readers comments, You can also call attorneys for free advice. DesiOPT is collaborating with group of attorneys. You can contact them directly via email/ phone. Initial Consult is Free. Please let us know your feedback after the call


To avoid duplication, we request you to search forum for similar question. If you don't find similar discussion, please message the link of posted question so we can post it on our facebook wall.

P.S. Question are posted Anonymously on Facebook. Questions posted on forum can only be deleted by the user. Questions could be edited by Moderator for Grammar, repetition, clarity and other reasons

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