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ICE scam costs UW international student nearly $10K

Published: 04/09/2021

Source: nbc15

A University of Wisconsin-Madison student is out nearly $10,000 following a scam involving someone who claimed to be from U.S. Immigration Services and threatening to deport the student.

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According to the Madison Police Dept. initial police report, the student told investigators he started receiving calls from an individual pretending to be an ICE agent. The caller told the 19-year-old student he would be arrested and deported unless he paid a fine via a bank transfer and gift cards.

The scammer kept phoning asking for more money, the report continued. The student told investigators he received around a dozen such calls. He later found information online that indicated the calls were likely scams and reported the crime to Madison police.

UW has issued a warning to its students about the scam targeting international students. Madison police also offered a couple reminders about ICE procedures:
  • ICE Agents and local police do not call immigrants on the phone to warn them that they are about to be arrested and deported for violating immigration laws;
  • Agents do not request financial information (e.g., bank account and credit card account information) or demand money from someone to dismiss an investigation or vacate an arrest warrant.
Source: nbc15

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