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A statistic for techies: US H1-B visa holders count drops to a decadal low

Published: 12/06/2021

Source: Mint

Number of people working under H1-B visa program, who are mostly Indians holding high-tech jobs, dropped to a decadal low, according to Bloomberg analysis of data from US labour department.

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This was mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in travel and visa restrictions to the United States even as job openings in the industry reached record highs.

Foreign engineering and mathematics workers on H-1B visas fell 12.6% in the year ending September 2021 compared to the previous year. It was the second consecutive annual decline for a segment of the workforce that has historically seen consistent job growth.

The drop was largely due to a significant slowdown in visa processing during lock downs and tightened immigration policies stemming from the pandemic, according to immigration lawyers and experts.

Source: Mint

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