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Published: 04/05/2022

Roblox is winning the tech internship game the cool way — with money

Tech is among the highest-paid industries in the U.S., according to Glassdoor data. So it's not at all surprising that interns also report making the most at tech companies — but the amount these companies are handing their interns is wild nonetheless.

Roblox and Uber offer the first and second highest-paying internships in the U.S. for 2022, according to Glassdoor’s top 25 highest-paying internships for 2022. The median monthly pay for Roblox is a whopping $9,667, while the median monthly pay for Uber sits at $8,333. For an internship. Tech companies were the most represented on Glassdoor’s list, with 17 making the cut.

Nine tech companies cracked the top 10 on Glassdoor's list for highest-paying internships, with Capital One being the only non-tech firm in the top 10. Salesforce notched the No. 4 spot, followed by Amazon, Meta, Nvidia, LinkedIn, HubSpot and Expedia Group, in that order. Of the top 25 companies overall, Google ranked last on the list, paying its interns a median monthly pay of $6,454 (modest, right?). Apple, Oracle, eBay and PayPal are also notable companies on report.

Roblox’s pay this year is $856 more per month than Nvidia offered last year, when it had the highest-paying internship. The median monthly pay for interns at Uber, Salesforce, Amazon and others also rose considerably. Uber, for instance, is paying about $980 more per month than it did last year.

But that doesn’t mean all tech companies are giving their interns more money. The median monthly pay for interns at LinkedIn, Nvidia, Google and others dropped compared to last year, while pay at Meta remained around $8,000 for both summers. Google came in at the bottom of the list, paying its interns about $6,454 per month compared to $7,129 in 2021.

Interns are also way more against remote work than their salaried counterparts. The percentage of interns who spoke negatively about remote work for their summer jobs jumped to 70% last summer, compared to about 58% in the summer of 2020, Glassdoor found. Many interns said it was difficult to communicate and connect with workers in a remote environment.

“Zooming out to look at both review sentiment and frequency of mentions, it’s clear that remote work has become a major — and negative — part of interns’ experience,” Glassdoor wrote in its report.

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