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Help Indian MS Students From a Tragic Accident

Published: 06/20/2022

Hi, I am Rakesh. I am doing my third semester at the University of Missouri in Kansas-city. We are a total of 5 people in the car. While in the car, my friends(Meenusha, Manasa, Uma, and Devika)unfortunately met with an accident. During the accident, we all were unconscious, and my other two friends(Manasa and Meenusha) and I met with several injuries. Then the emergency medical team rushed us to a nearby hospital, I.e., overland park regional medical center. Unfortunately, we were unaware of the cause of the accident as we all were unconscious, and there was blood everywhere on the spot.
Menasha, Manasa, and I were admitted to the emergency room. On the spot, Meenusha could not stand on her legs; Manasa said she didn’t have a vision in the right eye. Emergency care doctors started the procedures and analyzed the damages caused to individuals by scanning them and determining.
Menasha is severely injured and admitted into the isolation intensive care unit because she fractured her multiple ribs and ribs, which are nearer to the heart, penetrated to the heart valve and got a pelvis bone fracture; because of this, she is not able to walk or stand and needed couple surgeries. The first surgery is to fix the ribs that penetrated the heart valve and make blood flow normal; the second surgery is to fix the pelvis bone. Her blood pressure is abnormal, and she is still in the isolated intensive care unit doctors are closely monitoring her status, and she needs medical assistance for 2 or 3 months. So, She cannot walk alone for at least 3-4 months.
Manasa had an injury near the right eye, and doctors stuttered the wound. Still, she has no vision in the right eye. Doctors mentioned that she has optic nerve damage near the eye, which causes a problem with her vision. Once her bones become normal near the eye, eventually, she can get her vision back. She requires multiple medications, and this might take a couple of months to make her right eye vision normal.
In my case, I had 12 structures to cover my wound on the head, rib and collar bone fractures, and I could not walk without assistance from others. I will return to normal in 2 months once my fractured bones are adequately healed.
These surgeries and expenses for the hospital are real high. The two surgeries for Meenusha were very high, and she needed two months to recover and discharge from the hospital. The charges for Manasa and I are also so high. Since we are students, because of our financial situation, we cannot afford the bills for the hospital. It is affecting both physically and mentally.
Please consider our situation and help us join your hands for this charity event.

You can donate using this link: gofundme
For any further questions, you can check with the UMKC Indian Students Association

Source: gofundme

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