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H1B salary at Palo Alto Networks- Santa Clara CA- 200K and More

Published: 07/16/2022

Median Salary for H1B employees, Palo Alto Networks Santa Clara, CA

Senior Staff Software Engineer- 184K
Senior Product Manager- 193K
Senior Test engineer, Automation- $190K
Seniot Manager, UI engineer- $188K
Principal Machine Learning Engineer- $184K
Sr Product Manager- 174K
Sr IT Program Manager- 168K

Median salary for roles with Base 200K and more 

Principal Software Engineer- 207K
Distinguished Software Engineer- 275K
Principal Technocal Marketing Engineer IOT Security- 252K
Senior Manager, Site reliability Engineer- $252K
Senior Principal SQA Engineer- 250K
Director Product Marketing- $231K
Sr Prinicpal Engineer Software- $230K
Technical Architect- $213K
Engineering Manager- $211K

Below are some roles and base salary information for More than 200K

Below are some roles and base salary information for less than 200K

Check H1B salary data 2022 for more info

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