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100+ Comments posted: Visa appointments delays and issues faced

Published: 09/29/2022
Current operating status and visa processing in consular sections across India

Visa appointments are now open for all categories! But because of high demand, wait times remain significant.

Join us Thursday, September 29 at 3 pm IST on the U.S. Embassy India's Facebook and Instagram pages for a candid chat with our Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs, Don Heflin on the current operating status and visa processing in consular sections across India.

Read 100+ Comments on US Embassy India FB Page. Few comments from the page mentioned below as this could help others.

Comment on below FB thread if you are having issues getting Visa appointment.

Some comments posted on FB (listing few below) Read more on FB page:

-Could you kindly clarify when will the F1 visa slots open for Spring '23 intake as we received the statement from US Embassy that the Visa appointments are opened for all categories but we do not see any open visa slots??

-Dear sir tell to us that when will you open F1 slots.we have been waiting since july. Please open the F1 Slots it will be great opportunity for us. Thanku

-Dear Officer, when would be the slots for stamping for H1B visa be available for October to December 2022. We understand many H1B visa holders are in waiting for the same. Any alternative arrangements at USA are expected to be made for clearing backlog ? Thanks for this initiative.

-As everyone mentioned, yes many of us are waiting for months together to get an appointment after paying the fees. Any help, alternative solutions would definitely benefit the people and also many travels will happen and would benefit economy as well. Thank you

-As per my analysis with past bulk appointments release, its always released at midnight to very early morning of USA time. Majority people who are staying in the US are waiting for appointments. But when its bulk release most of them are unable to book. I personally monitoring slots since 4 weeks for whole night and working again since morning. Sacrificing sleep for many nights, still not able to book a single dropbox appointment. It is very hard to monitor all the time and when it's bulk release its gone in a minute. Can you please clear the people's doubts such as:

--Tens of thousands of H1Bs are approved annually. Once approval is obtained thousands of said US resident workers scramble to get time off work to travel to their home countries, Canada or Mexico to get their H1B stamped to facilitate international travel. Since COVID-19, newly minted H1B workers resident in the US and H1B holders with expired visa stamps have struggled greatly to leave the US to get stamped.

I'm not alone, many have been stuck in the US, unable to travel and reunite with family mostly because they are unable to get interview date at the US consulate in their home countries, Canada or Mexico.

Most of the agents claim to charge huge amount to get the dates, and we stand no place to book the dates.

When date was available , the system glitch causes Visual force error and then blocks us for 72 hours and submitting feedback on the portal ends up getting automated pre formatted responses.

Can we please get some ray of hope in availability in India for H1B dropbox stamping ? 

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