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Goldman, JPMorgan and BofA still hiring technologists this winter

Published: 11/18/2022

As the days shorten, it might be expected that banks' tech hiring would slow down. In a fintech space we’ve seen a crypto winter far colder than that of the real world, but in the big banks, tech hiring is still going strong.

JPMorgan and Bank of America appear to have somewhat traded two high profile tech hires. Vishnu Narayan Shammy Leela has moved to the latter as a director having been JPMorgan’s EMEA credit engineering lead in London. He also spent over 10 years at Merrill Lynch and curiously co-founded a sustainable home textile brand.

Rajesh Kumar meanwhile has left his director role at Bank of America in New York to join JPMorgan as an executive director with a focus on risk as a service. Kumar, who obtained a degree in mechanical engineering, began as an analyst at BofA in India but had moved to New York by the time he achieved a promotion to director.

Goldman Sachs has also made some high-profile acquisitions this month, though theirs have not come from another bank. Technology architect Keshav Chauhan joined Goldman as an executive director in London after leaving consultancy firm Tata. He spent over 9 years as an Adobe architect at consultancy firm Publicis Sapient and was previously a software engineer at Royal Bank of Scotland

Priyank Mundra also joined as a senior VP after working as a software development manager at Amazon, AWS and most recently Lyft. Munda's move to GS indicates developers in tech don’t see finance as a poor destination.

However, given that many tech companies have been struggling in the last quarter, it is arguably the wiser move and Goldman aren’t the only bank to capitalise on it.

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