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Indian student battles for life after car crash in US

Published: 11/29/2022

An Indian student has been battling for life in a hospital after a car accident in New Jersey, the US, earlier this month that left him with a traumatic brain injury and several fractured ribs.

Vinamra Sharma, a student of New Jersey Institute of Technology, was "knocked unconscious" as he made his way home from the university campus on November 12.

He was rushed to Rutgers University Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, said Abhishek Sharma, who set up a GoFundMe page in Sharma's support.

"He has been taken off the ventilator but still suffers from brain swelling due to the multiple surgeries he has undergone in the last week," Abhishek added.

The page said that within 10 days of the accident, Sharma has undergone four brain surgeries and is in the intensive care unit, hooked up to IVs and life-support systems.

Back home in India, Sharma's parents are anxiously waiting for their US visa to be approved.

"We hope and pray that Vinamra will be out of the woods soon and begin his long road to recovery. At the moment, his treatment is focused on getting him to live. If he makes it, the focus of his treatment can shift to addressing the cognitive and physical mobility challenges," the page said.

Sharma's health insurance does not cover accident expenses, and he does not have auto insurance (he does not drive).

His current in-hospital expenses include doctor, surgeon and specialist consultations, ICU services, medical exams and miscellaneous hospital fees.

As of now, nearly $72,199 have been raised from the crowdfunding initiative, which will be transferred directly to the student's family. IANS

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