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Another tidal wave of layoffs, Twitter, GoFundMe and nearly a dozen other tech companies

Published: 12/01/2022

Here are some of the most notable job cuts across the Bay Area this month:

236 jobs cut from Twitter — 214 in San Francisco and 22 in San Jose.

189 positions cut from Western Digital — 103 in San Jose and 86 in Milpitas.

105 jobs in Redwood City lost at Synthego.

97 positions cut from Asana in San Francisco.

95 jobs cut from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

77 jobs slashed at Coursera in Mountain View.

55 jobs chopped at Intercom in San Francisco.

48 jobs lost at Aerotek at Flex in Milpitas.

11 jobs slashed from GoFundMe in San Francisco.

Layoffs have swirled around the state as the tech job market took a recent tumble. The newest round of layoffs could further jostle the state's wobbly economic situation. Tech work accounts for 18 percent of California's economy, according to the annual Cyberstates study.

Mass job cuts come as inflation cools, making way for a potential recession in California — one that may coincide with a projected $25 billion budget deficit next year.

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