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Top 10 companies hiring tech workers include Humana, Elevance Health

Published: 12/08/2022

Despite Big Tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook parent Meta laying off tens of thousands of employees, many businesses — including a couple of payers — continue to hire tech workers at a rapid pace.

Here are the 10 companies with the most tech job postings in November, according to an analysis by IT trade association CompTIA:

1. Humana (4,951)

2. General Dynamics (3,386)

3. Capital One (2,716)

4. Northrop Grumman (2,104)

5. Lockheed Martin Corp. (2,032)

6. Marriott International (1,797)

7. Apple (1,791)

8. Elevance Health (1,751)

9. Leidos (1,560)

10. Amazon (1,516)

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