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Internship positions at Zillow

Published: 12/09/2022

Available Internships at Zillow, Interview process and deadlines to apply


Software Development Engineering (BS/MS)
Data Science & Analytics (BS/MS)
UX/UI (BS/MS), Applied Science (MS/PhD)
Computer Vision (MS/PhD)
Zillow Engineering and Leadership Program ([ZEAL] BS, Sophomores)


Product Management (MBA)
Strategy & Operations (MBA)
Human Resources (MS)
Business (BA)

Interview Process
  1. Submit Application
  2. Applications Reviewed by Hiring Managers & Recruiters
  3. First Round: one 30-60min interview* and, if applicable, HackerRank tech screen
  4. Take-Home Assessment: applicable only for Data & Applied Science Internships
  5. Final Round: closing 30-60min back-to-back interviews* and, if applicable, HackerRank tech screen
  6. Intern Selection
  7. Offer Decision
  8. Team Placement (not required for all roles)
*number of interviews and duration of interviews dependant on type of internship

Application Timelines*
Undergraduate & Graduate (non-MBA) – Open September 2022
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Open October 2022
Applications close early 2023

Read more: Zillow

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