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It’s okay, JPMorgan isn’t hiring 2024’s interns yet

Published: 12/09/2022

Have no fear, students: In spite of rumors to the contrary, JPMorgan isn’t hiring for 2024 (yet).

Earlier this week, the bank briefly advertised an Americas internship for summer 2024. The appearance of the advert was initially seen as an indication that JPMorgan was following Rothschild and RBC in recruiting 2024 interns a year ahead of time. However, the advert was quickly pulled and we understand it was a technical error. 

Rothschild and RBC opened applications for their 2024 internships a few weeks ago, meaning that students in the first year of university are expected to apply for crucial second year internships almost as soon as they've arrived. Rothschild specified that applicants must have a 2025 graduation date.

Summer internships are crucial to getting entry-level roles in investment banking. Some banks, like Morgan Stanley – don’t even advertise graduate-level roles and rely on internships to make fill time graduate job offers.

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