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Google employee sacked while on ‘mental health leave’

Published: 02/02/2023

In a shocking claim, apparently, a former Google employee named Ali Neil said she was sacked by the company while she was on a ‘mental health leave’. Neil, taking to LinkedIn, shared her account quoting an earlier post of hers where she announced the news that she was laid off by Google. (Read full post here) “...until last week I thought I’d have that time whenever it felt right to make that next step. Reality is more humbling than that it seems…,” Neil said, adding that despite all hardships, she sees positivity.

“I started my first job at 14, an unpaid intern until age 16 when I could become a paid employee…I wished the younger me could see who I am now…I’ve always loved the jobs I've held,” she said.

She added the uncertainty surrounding her future feels ‘comfortably unsettling.’ “But now having to think about what's next after Google, it's oddly, somewhat comfortably unsettling. It was devastating…but it's also such a good reminder in my life that it's still an enterprise multinational company.” On a note of positivity, Neil said the company was just an entity and not an ‘identity’ and there were lots left to explore for her. “...there's so much more to explore and continue to give 110% toward. I feel so very proud to have gotten where I am today, and to see what's next”. Neil ended her post by expressing gratitude to her managers and said they all had a ‘great impact’ on her.

Another former Google employee Tommy York made headlines last week for his claim that the tech giant sacked him while he was on ‘bereavement leave’ for his mother's death. "I probably would've written about mental health as a positive part of the culture at companies like Google… Instead, I'm tired and disappointed,” York said in his post on LinkedIn, expressing his disappointment with corporate cultures that are insensitive to employees' mental health.

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