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International students advised to ask parents for money by cost-of-living crisis advice

Published: 02/02/2023
The University of Warwick’s “Cost-of-Living hub” has outlined support available to students in light of the cost-of-living crisis. The University’s Vice Chancellor, Stuart Croft, brought the hub to the attention of students in his “Welcome to Term 2” email of 9 January.
The Cost-of-Living hub directed EU and international students to an external blog on Save The Student last updated in April 2022. EU and international students seeking financial assistance with the cost-of-living crisis were advised, to view information on financial help which “may be available” to them through the external link.
On Save The Student’s blog linked to the University’s Cost-of-Living hub, EU and international students were advised that if they: “think there’s a chance your parents or wider family might be able to give you some financial help, it might be worth discussing”. The suggestions for financial support for EU and international students also included seeking loans from banks or governments of their home countries.
Student Loan Company (SLC) tuition fee loans have not been available to EU students since the UK’s exit from the EU.
No other financial support tailored for EU and international students related to the cost-of-living crisis has been published on the University of Warwick’s Cost-of-Living hub. International students, including those from the EU, make up 44% of the University of Warwick’s student body. Depending on their course, EU and international undergraduates pay between £21,000 and £43,170 in tuition fees for the academic year 2021-22, with most students paying under £30,000. These fees are set to increase gradually over the next two years.
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